German courses in Frankfurt

General language group courses


In these courses you learn and talk about topics for everyday life and about professional and scientific topics. Vocabulary and grammar are built and deepened in the courses. A great variety of topics offer the opportunity to apply what you have learned. The basis is usually a course book. There are many different materials that go beyond the book to meet the language needs of students. It is possible to prepare for an exam at Telc or for a Goethe certificate within a general language group course. The exam preparation takes place in special courses for exam preparation or with specific exercises in our general language classes. For this purpose, we provide our students with additional material which they work on at home and/or in the classroom and which will be discussed with the teacher.


Conversation courses


We offer conversation classes at different levels. The most important goal is to reduce the inhibition to speak and to practice fluent speech. A conversation course offers the opportunity to apply the language both spontaneously and after a preparation phase. A preparatory phase includes the learning of vocabulary and useful phrases on various topics subject to "German at work" and "German in everyday life". The emphasis depends on the wishes of the group. Grammar is also practiced in the conversation course because it structures language. Among other things, it ensures the avoidance of misunderstandings. That's why every conversation lesson can also include a few grammar exercises.

DSH-courses (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang)

TestDaf courses (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache)


If you want to study at a German university, you need either the DSH exam or the Test Daf. We offer special DSH preparation courses and TestDaf preparation courses, which include the building of vocabulary for examination-related topics, useful phrases and grammatical structures. On the other hand, model examinations are written as part of the courses. These will be discussed in detail in the course the following day. In the course we use material at C1-C2 level. You should therefore have at least a very good B2 level to take this course.


We do not offer DSH or TestDaf exams. For the TestDaf, there are special TestDaf centers. The DSH exams take place at the universities and colleges. Please check with a university or college of your choice for the exam dates and registration deadlines. For an exam appointment, you must register in person at the university or the college. As a rule, the DSH exams take place at the beginning of the year (from February) and in the fall.


You do not need a certificate to attend these courses. But you should arrange a consultation with us in advance or do a placement test. New group courses for the preparation for the TestDaf are in planning. Please contact us for the exact course dates.



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Our course program

You can still join this class

C1.2 evening course - 1x per week, 90 units - 900€ - End: 10.09.2018


Courses starting in May 2018 (you can still join)

A1.2 evening course - 2x per week, 60 units - 600€ - 22.05.-26.07.2018 (no class on holidays)

A2.2 evening course - 2x per week, 80 units - 800€ - 28.05.-27.08.2018

B2.1 evening course - 2x per week, 100 units - 1000€ - 02.05.-27.08.2018 (no class on holidays and bridging days)


Courses starting in June 2018 (you can still join)

B1.1 morning course - 3 x per week, 90 units - 900€ - 04.06.-14.09.2018 (summer break: 09.07.-31.08.2018)


Courses starting in July 2018 (you can still join)

 A1.1 evening course - 2x per week, 60 units - 600€ - 03.07.-06.09.2018


Courses starting in September 2018

A1.1 morning course - 2x per week, 60 units - 600€ - 17.09.-26.11.2018

A2.1 evening course - 2x per week, 80 units - 800€ - 18.09.-18.12.2018

A2.2 morninge course - 3x per week, 80 units - 800€ - 17.09.-20.10.2018

B1.1 evening course - 2x per week, 90 units - 900€ - 03.09.-17.12.2018

B1.1 morning course - 3x per week, 90 units - 900€ - 17.09.-23.11.2018 (incl. 2 weeks break, probably in October)

B1.2 morning course - 3x per week, 90 units - 900€ - 17.09.-07.11.2018

B2.1 morning course - 2x per week, 100 units - 1000€ - 12.09.-07.12.2018


B2.2 morning course - 3x per week, 100 units - 1000€ - 10.09.-05.11.2018

B2.2 evening course - 2x per week, 100 units - 1000€ - 17.09.-23.01.2019 (christmas break: 20.12.-06.01.2019)

C1.2 / C2 morning course - 2x pro Woche, 106 units - 1060€ - 11.09.-20.12.2018 (including 3 appointments break in a block)

C1.2 / C2 evening course - 1x pro Woche 3 units - from 17.09. 2018 ongoing, bookable from minimum 5 appointments in a block (= 150€ for 5 days in a block)


Courses starting in October 2018

A1.2 morning course - 3x per week, 60 units - 600€ - 22.10.-22.11.2018


Courses starting in November 2018

B2.1 morning course - 3x per week, 100 units - 1000€ - 26.11.-04.02.2019 (christmas break: 22.12.-06.01.2019)


Frankfurt summer courses in July und August 2018

Intensive 4 weeks - from Monday to Friday - 80 units for all courses - 800€ per course


A2 morning course, 30.07.-24.08.2018

B1.2 afternoon course, 30.07.-24.08.2018


B1.2 morning course, 09.07.-03.08.2018

B1 consolidation and preparation for B1 certificate test, morning course, 13.08.-07.09.2018


*1 unit = 45 minutes


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