Our Teachers

All of us are experienced teachers who for many years have taught German as foreign language on all levels with great motivation and enthusiasm. Part of our work has also been giving seminars on teaching methods and intercultural communication.


You learn from us - we learn from you
We all love the cooperation and interaction with our students who come from many different countries around the world. Therefore, we understand our profession as an important opportunity to support intercultural understanding between people of different nationalities and different backgrounds, thus contributing to open, tolerant and respectful interaction with each other.

Heike Baumgärtel

At the University of Heidelberg I studied history, German and English. After my graduation, however, I began my career in another direction. For many years I worked in the crafts and creative field. In 2010, postgraduate studies on German as Foreign Language followed. Since then, I am a passionate teacher. I have been teaching at Goethe Institutes both in Germany (in Freiburg and Frankfurt) and abroad (in Bangalore, India and Manila, Philippines). Immersion in a different culture as well as interaction and exchange with people from other countries I feel as a great personal gain. My former creative profession is now my hobby. In my free time, I also love to spend rainy Sundays with a good book, sunny weekends in nature and cozy evenings with friends.




Franziska Becker

I studied at the University of Mainz and majored in English, General and Comparative Linguistics and French. Since 2005, I've been a teacher for German. For the last 6 years, I've worked for the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt and regularly attended trainings in methodology and didactics.
To me, not only tolerance and intercultural understanding are very important, but also working with people of different ages. I led workshops with young students themed around "open minded thinking regarding different cultures". Two of my favorite movies are "Black Driver / Schwarzfahrer" and "Almanya". I love my job and I enjoy working with people from all over the world. I am calm and patient and I'm willing to explain things ten times.
I like to go to the market and buy delicious cheese and sausage and enjoy it with a nice glass of wine.

Franziska van Elten


I come from Cologne and studied German, Romance studies and German as a foreign language in Bonn, Florence and Marburg.

Because I have always enjoyed learning languages and had great language teachers, I decided to also become one myself. I like this sparkle in the eyes of my course participants when they notice: Now I understand that and I can use it.

My studies and profession brought me to Italy, Seweden, Greece and Serbia and finally to Frankfurt. I taught at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and at the Goethe Institutes in Belgrade and Frankfurt.

In my spare time, for example, I like baking and I'm outdoors. You can always meet me on my bike.

Andrea Thiel

Since I have always been interested in other cultures, I wanted to follow a professional career, which would give me the opportunity to get in contact with people from different countries. This has always been an inspiration and motivation to me.

After studying economics here in Frankfurt, I acquired the additional qualification "Methodology and Didactics of Teaching German as Foreign Language " at Goethe-Institute. I taught German as foreign language at Volkshochschule for several years, as well as in integration courses. In my courses, it is especially important to me to provide and support a respectful and pleasant learning atmosphere. This, in my opinion, is vital to learn a new language successfully. Language learning connects and enables people to get to know other cultures. This is the reason why I like living in Frankfurt. Here, you find people from170 different nations in one city.

In my free time, I often walk through the city and watch the city life. I also like taking photos and I am interested in yoga.


Silvia Litzinger

Growing up near Limburg an der Lahn, I moved to Mainz for my studies. There I studied German, politics and economics as well as Russian in the Master of Education and German as a second / foreign language in the Master of Arts.

During and after my graduation I worked at a private language school in Mainz. Now I live in beautiful Frankfurt and enjoy the city of culture to the fullest. As part of many internships both in Germany and abroad, I realized how well I feel when teaching. Especially in the DaF class I like the fact that I can bring the German language and culture closer to those who are interested, but I also always learn something new from other cultures. I enjoy the interaction in the classroom.

In my free time, I always like to do something: I play tennis or badminton, go hiking and walking with my dog, visit museums or read.



Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


In 1765 I started to study law in Leipzig. However, my skills and my passion lie in literature, so I wrote several books, such as the sufferings of young Werther and Faust. I like to exchange ideas with friends about the art of writing and regularly participate in literary training. I see my travels to distant countries like Italy as a chance to find my fulfillment mentally and emotionally in my profession and to live it completely.


In my free time I deal with colors, go out into nature or enjoy a glass of cider and Frankfurt green sauce.