Our Teachers

Heike Baumgärtel

At the University of Heidelberg I studied history, German and English. After my graduation, however, I began my career in another direction. For many years I worked in the crafts and creative field. In 2010, postgraduate studies on German as Foreign Language followed. Since then, I am a passionate teacher. I have been teaching at Goethe Institutes both in Germany (in Freiburg and Frankfurt) and abroad (in Bangalore, India and Manila, Philippines). Immersion in a different culture as well as interaction and exchange with people from other countries I feel as a great personal gain. My former creative profession is now my hobby. In my free time, I also love to spend rainy Sundays with a good book, sunny weekends in nature and cozy evenings with friends. 

Franziska Becker

I studied at the University of Mainz and majored in English, General and Comparative Linguistics and French. Since 2005, I've been a teacher for German and English. For the last 6 years, I've worked for the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt and regularly attended trainings in methodology and didactics.
To me, not only tolerance and intercultural understanding are very important, but also working with people of different ages. I led workshops with young students themed around "open minded thinking regarding different cultures". Two of my favorite movies are "Black Driver / Schwarzfahrer" and "Almanya". I love my job and I enjoy working with people from all over the world. I am calm and patient and I'm willing to explain things ten times.
I like to go to the market and buy delicious cheese and sausage and enjoy it with a nice glass of wine.

Angela Walter


Working as an industrial clerk was too boring for me, so my studies in "Applied Business Languages and International Management" first led me to Bremen and then to Alexandria. In 2006, I started to supplement my knowledge in the field of economics / Arabic studies with further education in pedagogy and didactics when I taught at the DSB. In 2012, I started my further training in the field of DaF at the Goethe Institute, completed my diploma thesis in 2015 and worked for the Goethe Institute (Alexandria, Frankfurt) until January 2017.


Respect and interest for the class participants are the basis for cooperation in the classroom. The exchange with the participants is a lot of fun for me. To ensure that learning German remains exciting and effective, it is important for me to use as much methodological variation as possible and as as is necessary. When I have free time, I study psychology, skate or just go for a walk or take care of my family.