Online lessons at Sprachgewandt





After a hard day at work, you prefer to sit comfortably at home on your sofa and drink a glass of wine or a cup of tea instead of having to go to a language school?





You have irregular working hours or you are often on business trips and therefore are not able to attend a regular language course on specific days and at specific times?






Between taking care of your children, family responsibilities and opening hours of kindergarten and school, there are only very few hours for your own training and interests, and therefore you have no opportunity to attend a language course at a school?





Or do you prefer sitting in a nice café, on a South Sea island or in a cozy alpine hut to spending your time in a classroom?




But still you would like to learn German, deepen your German skills or simply speak a little more German so as not to get out of practice...


That is absolutely no problem at.


Because we also offer online lessons! 


No matter whether you are in Timbuktu, in Reykjavik or in Frankfurt:

The only thing you need is a working internet  connection and some time for the lessons.



And this is how it works:


We offer online lessons as group lessons or individual lessons.


We will find out your language level during an introductory conversation via Skype. This way, we can best advise you and decide which level is right for you.



In individual lessons *, we can adapt to your specific needs, your level of knowledge and - in consultation with the teacher - your time schedule.


* Price per unit for individual lessons: 50 €

   1 unit = 45 minutes


In group lessons, you learn in small groups of 4 to 6 people. Just as in group courses is our school, you actively participate in the lessons, speak and communicate with other group members.


Just as the lessons at our school, we also design the online lessons in a dynamic and interactive way with a variety of activities. You will practice and deepen all language skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking - and from the beginning, you will habe many opportunities to speak yourself, thus directly using and practicing the grammar and vocabulary you have learned.

Usually, a course book serves as the basis for the lessons. However, we also integrate many other materials designed or selected especially for your lessons and provide you with these documents, exercises and links.


Technical requirements:

For Online lessons, you will need

  • Laptop or PC (no tablet or Smartphone!)
  • Skype
  • a Google account or Gmail address, since we will also be working with Google Docs



 Do you have more questions? Then don't hesitate to contact us here. We are happy to help.