Group courses

If you like to learn in a group, if you are motivated by the interaction and the cooperation with other people, then a group course is the right course to choose for you.




Course program

We also offer courses on all levels from A1 to C2.

Our prices depend on the number of units (UE) per course.

Here are some examples:

An A1.1-course with 60 units costs 600€,

an A2.2-course with 80 units costs 800€,

an B2.1-course with 100 units costs 1000€,



Prices & our current course program you can finde here.


From level B1 onwards, vario-bookings are also possible: In case you cannot or do not wish to book an entire course, you can also book a block at the beginning or end of the course.

Please send us a message and make an appointment for a personal consultation.



 * 1 UE = 1 unit = 45 Minuten




From level A1.2, we will hold a consultation with you when registering so that we can assess which level offers the best development opportunities for you. The classification into a group course is based on this conversation.


For participants who are abroad at the time of registration, we offer the possibility to make an appointment via Skype or to send us a written text, from which the already existing German language skills become apparent.

Private lessons

In individual lessons, your teacher will fully meet your individual wishes and needs:

You decide on

  • the amount of units
  • the course dates (in agreement with the teacher)
  • your personal learning pace
  • 60€ per unit

Learning for two

If you don't want to learn alone but you like the intensity of private lessons, we offer partner courses. One more advantage: Each partner only pays half of the course fees.

  • 30€ per person per unit

Just like in individual lessons, classes are planned according to your wishes and needs. Also, you decide on the amount of units.The only precondition:

Each partner should have about the same language level, so you can both learn quickly and efficiently together.

Our lessons

In our classes, we focus on our students. It is important to us that you are active.

In class, you will practice and deepen all linguistic skills - listening, reading, writing, speaking - as well as grammar in situations as realistic as possible and with many different materials for DaF (German as Foreign Language), e.g. authentic texts (from daily newspapers and magazines), current films, exercises, worksheets and games designed specifically for your course. Thus, lessons are varied, interesting and communicative.



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